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Cannabis Horticulture Products and Accessories

GroWright Labs is New England’s premier boutique cannabis nursery, affording our customers the opportunity to cultivate their own cannabis plants with relative ease. Whether you’re hoping to go from seed or clone to stoned, GroWright Labs has you covered.

Green Nature
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Clones & Seeds


Seeds - Bird Bath - 10 pack for $25

Seeds - Hash Wedding - 5 pack for $20

Seeds - Hash Plant - 5 pack for $20

Seeds - Shotgun Wedding - 3 pack for $15


Clones will be available for purchase, in person, in southern New England - we are not able to ship clones at this time.

Clones will also be available at several pop up "Flower Stands" across New England during growing season. Follow our Instagram or drop us an email for more info. 

Clothing & Accessories

GroWright Sticker - $10

More Coming Soon

All-in-One Home Grow Solutions:

Tent: 24"x48"x72" Light: 1200W

Hydrofarm Hydro Grow Kit - 4 bucket

Hydrofarm Hydro Grow Kit - 8 bucket

Nutrients and additives:

Fox Farms Marine Cuisine

Fox Farms Nutes Trio

General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow & Bloom

General Hydroponics PH Control and test kit


TPS Signal

Fox Farms Soil


Mars Hydro 1000W Growlight

Inline Fan kit with Filter for Grow Tent

AC Infinity Grow Tent Clip Fans

Vivosun 48"x24"x60" Grow Tent

More Coming Soon!

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Please fill out the form below if you would like to inquire about purchasing any products in our current catalogue. We are currently able to accept Venmo or CashApp as payment.

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Instagram/SnapChat: @growrightlabs

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